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03 - mountains in Colorado River canyon near Moab
05 - Arches National Park
07 - Canyonlands National Park
14 - Canyonlands National Park
20 - Lake Powell
26 - planning route for the next day
Although we still could see some clouds from the front to the east of Moab the west was clear and the forecasts for the Utah, Nevada and California for the next couple of days indicated perfect flying weather.
Originally we wanted to fly to a small airport at Lake Mead west of Las Vegas and camp in the resort at the lake and near the field. After calling them it turned out that they would not pick us up from the airfield (off season) and it was too far to hike with camping gear. We quickly changed our planes and decided to go to Page in Arizona, which had similar set-up, except that it was at Lake Powell and had rental car at the airport.
We left Moab shortly after noon, flew several circles over Arches (more than 2000ft AGL of course). Then we flew in the direction of Canyonlands National Park. We found an interesting spot where Colorado River and Green River join that was recommended by a local pilot we met on Moab ramp. In the Canyonlands we flew over Needles Outpost dirt strip where Vince wanted to stop for camping, but we decided not to as it would be a bit too far away to San Francisco where we wanted to get the next day by 2:30 PM the latest (the car rental we found in San Francisco is only open until 3 pm on Sundays). Views over Canyonlands and later Lake Powell were spectacular. When we got to Page it was already after 3 o’clock and although we originally planned to do a short scenic flight over Grand Canyon (we especially bought Grand Canyon chart) we decided to skip it because by the time we would be back it would already get dark.
We managed to rent a very reasonably priced car and drove to the campground (next to Glen Canyon Dam) on the other side of the Lake Powell.
From the campground we had amazing view over the lake and mountains around it. The view got even better as we watched the sunset.
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