Thu, Oct 27, 2005 - Cessna 206 training - day 4 (11042 visits, last updated on Thu, Nov 03, 2005)
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01 - over overcasted LA basin
04 - Borrego Valley
08 - descending to Hesperia
12 - extraordinary views along the way from Las Vegas
We managed to fly the remaining 7.1 hours in one day! It was a very long day though. We left Santa Ana with yet another (5th this week) around half past 8 o'clock. The clouds were broken so we managed to find a hole in clouds and climb on top of the cloud cover. Then we flew in a nice sunshine above us to Palm Springs where the sky was clear and all clouds were gone! From Palm Springs we flew to Borrego Valley. From there we flew to Agua Caliente, then to a small airpark south of Palm Dale. Then to small airport south of Las Vegas and then back to Santa Ana. The arrival to Santa Ana had to be on instrument to get through the overcast.
When we got to Santaa Ana I still needed 15 minutes or so of flying time, so we taxied back and did 3 more landings and taxi backs.
Logbook entries
Date Aircraft make & model Aircraft ident. Route of flight Remarks, Procedures, Maneuvers No. ldg. Total duration of flight
From Via To
10/27/05 C-206 N8771Z KSNA KPSP L08 L54 L26 0L7 KSNA x-country nav, high performance ops., power management 9 7.1
Total: 9 7.1
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