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Part of Polish ICAO map.
Our route is marked with red line
After spending some time looking at the map and thinking about where to go and how to get there I decided that I needed help from some more experienced polish pilot before I venture out somewhere farther all by myself.
I wanted to fly to area where my parents live, circle above their house and then fly back to Warsaw with possible landing at some airfield in the area.
I managed to find another instructor, as the one I did checkout in Katana with was too busy. We scheduled the flight for 20th September. I was very lucky with the weather as it was just one day after cold front passage over the area so the air was extremely clear and smooth.
First flew from Warsaw to Kazimierz Dolny where my parents live. We were flying most of the time at 1500 ft AMSL (around 1000 - 1200 ft AGL). Apparently this is the common altitude for VFR flights in Poland. Although class Golf extends in Poland up to 9500 ft most of VFR flights are at between 1500 ft and 3500 ft mainly because some (mainly military) training areas called Temporary Segregated Areas (TSA) cover large parts of the country. Along our trip from Warsaw to Kazimierz Dolny we had to fly through quite narrow corridor between 2 active TSAs. We were also not allowed to fly over Kazimierz Dolny because it was also within one of active TSAs.
On the way back we landed at Piastow airfield (operated by Polish national air club). This was another grass strip, very hard to spot and even when I saw it determining the exact location of runway was quite difficult. Landing itself was again very nice, I started to like grass strips.
The last leg of the flight from Piastow back to Warsaw was uneventful and relaxing.
I feel like I can now fly somewhere by myself, I even wanted to schedule another flight the following day, but unfortunately the engine in this plane has to have the engine replaced (overhaul) and will only be back from maintenance at the end of September.
Logbook entries
Date Aircraft make & model Aircraft ident. Route of flight Remarks, Procedures, Maneuvers No. ldg. Total duration of flight
From Via To
09/20/05 DV20 SP-KKG KONSTANCIN EPRP Familarizing with x-country procedures in Poland 1 0.9
09/20/05 DV20 SP-KKG EPRP KONSTANCIN Familarizing with x-country procedures in Poland 1 0.6
Total: 2 1.5
FAA Chart data courtesy of www.runwayfinder.com
Note: Could not find coordinates of these airfields from the route: EPRP